People have a holy grail idea about having one perfect scent that sums them up in a sniff. Personally, I don’t subscribe to that, because for me it would be like wearing the same clothes every day, eating the same food for every meal, or listening to the same song over and over again.

However, there is something compelling about the notion of perfume as a calling card, or of your fragrance lingering on a beloved’s fingertips to remind them of you.

Now that you're on Fume Finder, discovering your new favorite fragrance is easy. This web app features hundreds of my recommendations for men and women in categories ranging from Citrus, Subtle and Sexy, to Florals, Fruits and Leather — and let's not forget clubbing, wedding, and seasonal scents.

Whether you're drawn to clean and crisp or deep and dramatic, I guarantee that Fume Finder will inspire you to try something new...or even to revisit an old favorite. Just think of Fume Finder as your portable fragrance consultant.

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