You always hear, “fragrance goes on pulse points”: wrists, elbows, behind ears. The idea is that that blood vessels close to the surface heat the scent and lift it off the skin. Sounds like it makes sense, but what are we, cadavers? I don’t know about you, but my whole body is warm! I spray fragrance wherever I darn well please.

Where you apply fragrance depends on how much or little you want to smell it. If it’s a private scent treat, then apply inside the arms and around the ankles and backs of knees, so the effect is subtle by the time it reaches nose level. If you’re in the mood to broadcast your perfume, spritz the outside of your arms and around your neck and chest. Also, humidity makes a huge difference in how much fragrance you need to wear, so apply cautiously in muggy climates.

But there really are no rules. Spraying it on your hair or on the nape of your neck is a nifty way to allow your scent to subtly diffuse in a halo around you. And some fragrances smell just as nice sprayed on fabric — and in the case of lighter, softer scents, last a lot longer that way.

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