Why does Katie smell?


I call myself a “thrillseeker” when it comes to scent, because I find all odors captivating and inspiring — even the not-so-pretty ones. I think that comes from having traveled so much when I was growing up. My family bounced around from the US to Berlin, Moscow, London, Athens, Tangiers — so many places with distinctive cultures and smells.

Staying alert to the ever-changing smellscape helped me develop a “conscious nose.” Those two little holes in our head are the key to intensifying any experience. Sensual pleasure can be had at a sniff. And speaking of sensual pleasure, what could be more enrapturing than floating along in a cloud of your favorite fragrance?

The simple act of wearing a scent you love does so many positive things. You make your heart a little happier, you express your individuality, you feel sexier. It's a portable bubble of joy!

Exploring new “fumes” is creatively energizing, and I've channeled my fascination into Katie Puckrik Smells — the YouTube channel and blog where I turn scent into “scentertainment.”

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